Lumbini, the Birthplace of the Lord Buddha

Traveling to Lumbini is an exciting journey. It is a tour that acknowledges the history and archeology of Lumbini but also the visit lets you feel the inner amity. The travel is once in a lifetime so, it must be safely planned. Here is a piece of advice. As you are a stranger in an unknown land, it is always recommendable to take guidance from a trusted travel company.

30th May, 2018

Trekking in Himalaya

The popular regions for Trekking in Nepal are Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Dhaulagiri, Makalu and many more. The trekking can be done solitary or with the groups but we would recommend a trekking guide not only for your company but also to guide you and to help with the localities to deal with the locals and also for the safety reasons.

14th June, 2018

Best View Points in Nepal

Nepal is the land of the Himalayas which is one of the biggest reasons for tourists visiting here. Besides, the natural wonders, cultural and historical places, fine arts and architectures, hill stations, adventurous sports, etc. are other important attractions. The visit to Nepal is sometimes once in a lifetime trip. So, of course, you will desire of spending the best time here.

4th June, 2018

Trekking in Everest Region

The stories of trekking in Everest region must be very enthusiastic. So why not dare and go for it. You just have to be prepared physically and mentally to aim to conquer the roof of the world. Now, you are all ready for the life worthy experience via Trekking in the Everest Region and make your dream comes true.

21st July, 2018

Shravan Month – The Divine Month

Shravan Month – the Divine month: Shravan Month – the 5th month of the Hindu Calendar. Nepal is famous as the only Hindu Kingdom in the world with the unique religious tolerance. This pious month is especially celebrated by Hindus worldwide. It is believed that “Shravan” also means to hear good things. So during this Shravan months, the devotees listen to sermons, devotional prayers and songs and dancing in order to praise Lord Shiva. Also the other literal meaning of “Shrawan” is Saawan i.e. month of rainfall, blossoming of flowers and playing swings

13th August, 2018

Naag Panchami

Out of several anecdotes of Hindu Mythology, Naag Panchami is also one of the auspicious occasions, which is celebrated in the Panchami Tithi of Shukla Paksha of the Shravan month of Hindu calendar. Naag Panchami is celebrated in different ways according to the cultures and traditions of the locality. Considering the Snakes are the savior of the human race from the rage of the evil demons, they are worshipped as the protector.

16th August, 2018

Janai Purnima

Janai Purnima/Raksha Bandhan is the festival of all the Hindu and Buddhist followers in the world. On this auspicious day, the temples and the stupas are crowded. There are some processions and fairs “Mela” in different parts of Nepal especially in the Pashupatinath temple, Kumbheshwor Mahadev temple of Bhaktapur, Gosainkunda of Rasuwa, Gangasagar

26th August, 2018

Gai Jatra festival

Gai Jatra is a uniquely celebrated festival for the commemoration of the loved ones who passed away in the last year. Gai Jatra – Gai means cow and Jatra means festival. This Gai Jatra day falls on the first dark fortnight of Gunla in Bhadra month of Nepal Era Calendar. On this day, the people are seen marching with cows ahead and dressed in colorful costumes especially read and gold; put make-up or paints or wear masks to mourn and remember the happiness shared with the loved ones.

27th August, 2018

Krishna Janmashtami

Lord Krishna – an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is always one of the most adorable deities in Nepal. He is famous with several names as Hari, Murari, Shyam, Gopal, Nanda Lala, Makhan Chor, etc. Amazing stories of his love and friendship with Gopis and Gopinies are fun to listen. When he used to play the flute, a unique ambience of love and peace was felt in the surrounding.

2nd September, 2018

Budget Trekking To Everest

What if you could trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp on a budget? It’s hard to believe is possible with us at STEP ON HIMALAYA. We want to support your trekking dreams providing an affordable price tag. Inspired by adventurous students and backpackers, Step On Himalaya has created BUDGET TREKKING to offer unequaled fun and adventure at comparatively low cost to Everest Base Camp and neighboring Katapatthar.

17th October, 2018

Maha Shivaratri” – the Night of Lord Shiva

Maha Shivaratri is a sacred festival. During this day, other than devotees, we can see many sadhus are sitting naked, their bodies are covered with ashes and they will be enjoying by smoking marijuana (bhang), drinking milk mixed with bhang, or eating ladu with bhang. Be careful if you want to avoid the foods mixed with bhang or be ready to get intoxicated. Beside it, different varieties of food items are cooked and sold on the hotels and by street food vendors. Step On Himalaya will always recommend our valued guests to visit Nepal during this festival if possible.

4th March, 2019

Trekking to the top of the world, Mt.Everest

Hike to EBC (Everest Base Camp) or attempt to climb up the Mt. Everest Summit is a dare. Not everyone can do it. In earlier days, trekking to Mt. Everest was comparatively much more difficult than now. There are many trekking agencies arranging a well-organized trek along with well-trained guides, support staff and accommodations.

10th March, 2019

Where is Mt. Everest

Mount Everest is actually named after Sir George Everest, the Welsh Surveyor General of India. It was renamed from “Peak XV” to “Everest” in the honor of Sir George Everest but he didn’t opt for the honor and was continuously protesting but due to political aspects in 1865, it was named “Mt. Everest”. Just the worst part was, the Welsh pronounced it as “Eave-rest” not “Everest”.

15th March, 2019

Holi-the festival of colors

Holi festival brings happiness and togetherness among everyone. Not only about entertaining each other but also celebrating Holi with family and relatives means a lot. Visiting relatives home and exchanging gifts and sweets has become a fashion during Holi. When you walk around the streets, you can see kids, youths, adults and elderly all enjoying the Holi and spreading the incredible delight of colors.

18th March, 2019

Lukla flights Update to Manthali Airport

If you have confirmed your booking of Lukla flights already, please contact to the Airlines or the travel agencies or companies.

20th March, 2019