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Privacy Policy

Step on Himalaya always respects its clients and is committed to maintaining their privacy. We do keep the all information of our guests in a private and secure manner as you entrust our company. We assure all your details have been completely safeguarded as your faith is the main key to our company's achievement.

We are against buying or renting the information of any third parties. The anti-spam policy is one of our agendas. We completely discourage you to ignore if you feel the information you receive is not from Step on Himalaya. In case, you receive any mail including any information from Step on Himalaya that is because you have inquired about our company and have entered to join our mail list or a family/ relative/ friend/ colleague has demanded it on your behalf.

Step on Himalaya can remove any or all of our databases at any time that will lead you to no information receiving from us. We have always prioritized our clients' privacy because you have shared all your personal information with Step on Himalaya on trust. Therefore, here is some Privacy Policy that we like you to be familiar with.


What is the information required by us?

Visitors to our website are asked for some specific information such as name, address, email address, or contact numbers which help to identify you. This information is collected for specific purposes such as registering on our website to receive further information about our trips and packages, making bookings to receive e-mail newsletters, or knowing more about Step on Himalaya. This means unless you do not provide your information to us voluntarily, there is no way Step on Himalaya will collect or have any personal information of yours. You can visit our site without our knowledge, staying anonymous.

Security of the information

As we said, your privacy is our first concern. We will never allow your personally identifiable information to be revealed. All the transactions or information shared with Step on Himalaya are protected and encrypted which is the best technology to ensure information security.

We collect some unspecified information

Don’t worry about your private information. All information is stored on our company's server that is not accessible publically. Your personally identifiable information is solely and only accessed by team members of Step on Himalaya just on a "need to know" basis. For your information, the data related to your Credit card are NOT AND NEVER stored on our database when you book or buy any packages on our website.

Why are cookies on every website?

COOKIES is a new technology that helps to recognize your browser and lets us know that your browser had visited our website in the past. These cookies allow Step on Himalaya to gather the information of anonymous clickstreams. There are no persistent cookies that track the return visitors and for the information, all the cookies expire within 24 hours.

If you choose the browser setting to refuse and block cookies or to alert you when cookies are being sent while surfing our website, just to inform you, some parts of our website may not work properly.

The links on our website

There are some hyperlinks that lead to other websites. When you click on those links, you will enter another site that is not governed by Step on Himalaya. Our company doesn't govern any other websites. In case you navigate any other links from our website, remember that it is not governed by our Privacy Policy and those links are to provide more references and other useful information to our visitors. And also we encourage you to go through the privacy policies of those linked websites as the privacy policies may vary from company to company.


You can unsubscribe us anytime just in case you change your mind. There is an option to unsubscribe from every email you receive from Step on Himalaya. But if you want to continue getting updates and newsletters from us, please continue the subscription.


If there are any amendments to the details you provide to us, you may contact us via the email address provided on the website or call us directly. Please feel free to contact us.

Renewal of policy

Step on Himalaya reserves the sole right and authority to amend or update the privacy policy if obligatory. The privacy policy is subject to change as per the circumstances. If there are any queries regarding our privacy policy, you can message or call or mail us at our company's contact number or email or our mailing address.

Legal Disclaimer

If there is a need to disclose your personal information, it will be done following the legal process and in the good-faith relationship of the client with our company.


Privacy Legislation

Step on Himalaya welcomes the Privacy Amendments (Private Sector) Act of Nepal and the privacy Principles that the Act introduces.

The utmost request of Step on Himalaya

Despite the encryption and secured website, there is always a possibility of fraud in this digital world. If you feel, there is a breach of any information provided by you to our company or any unauthorized use of your personal information, credit card details, or banking details, please do not hesitate to inform our company as soon as possible which can be immediately intervened accordingly and needed legal procedures can be instantly initiated.