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Lumbini the Birthplace of the Lord Buddha


When it comes to “Peace and Harmony”, Lord Gautam Buddha is always there as its Symbol. The birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini, has become a must place to visit when you will step into Nepal. Lumbini is popular as a pilgrimage site for followers of Buddhism from every corner of the world. It is a small town situated at the foothills in the Terai plains of the Rupandehi district of Western Nepal. Among the four significant Buddhist pilgrimages, Lumbini is one of them and nowadays getting popular as a tourist hub. Lumbini in Sanskrit means “the lovely”. The archeological ruins of the historical palaces and the kingdom of the Shakya dynasty are being preserved. Some monasteries have been built by different countries as their homage to Lord Buddha in Lumbini.

An easier way to Lumbini is via a flight to Bhairahawa Airport and then to take a bus or a taxi to Lumbini. The tourist coaches are in the daily schedule from Kathmandu and different parts of Nepal. After reaching Lumbini, the next step is to find a good and comfortable place to stay. There are many affordable hotels and lodges around Lumbini. Once you are settled, you can now roam around the different places in Lumbini. Maya Devi Temple is popular as the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha where two panels are held by Maya Devi while giving birth to Lord Buddha and taking seven steps right after the birth. There is a sacred bathing pool near the temple.

Ashoka Pillar was built by the Great Emperor Ashoka during the visit to Nepal and ordered to inscribe the birth of Lord Buddha on the pillar. The Eternal Peace Flame is located at the southern end which was created in 1986. By the name, the flame denotes the enduring effort done to maintain peace and harmony in the world. World Peace Pagoda – another main attraction of Lumbini was built by Japanese Buddhists. Out of 80 world peace pagodas in the world, 2 pagodas are in Nepal – one in Lumbini and one in Pokhara. Lumbini Museum is situated at the northern end. This museum has an amazing collection of photos and articles that depict the life of Lord Buddha.

Traveling to Lumbini is an exciting journey. It is a tour that acknowledges the history and archeology of Lumbini but also the visit lets you feel the inner amity. The travel is once in a lifetime so, it must be safely planned. Here is a piece of advice. As you are a stranger in an unknown land, it is always recommendable to take guidance from a trusted travel company. Not only for your convenience to find a comfortable and cozy way to travel around Lumbini, but also for the proper documentation and safety. Hence, we, a team of Step On Himalaya welcome you to let us serve you and feel the utmost satisfaction during Nepal's stay. All the necessary documentation and arrangements for accommodation, flights, buses, etc. will be done by Step on Himalaya. You just have to trust and choose us and let’s explore the serene Lumbini together.

Author: Step on Himalaya

Date: 30th May, 2018

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