Nepal Jungle Safari


Nepal is famous as the “Land of Himalayas” but it is also well-known for the Jungle or Wildlife Safaris. The Northern part of the country is occupied with the snowy peaks while the lowlands of the Southern part are covered with the jungles, and the region is named as “Terai”.  The widely distributed tropical jungles of Terai are in the form of national parks, conservation areas, and wildlife reserves. These cover approximately 16% of the total geographical area of Nepal. The Jungle or Wildlife Safari in these areas is gaining popularity as day activities among the travelers to Nepal. The tour in the Jungle riding on the back of the Elephant has become an attraction to the tourists. Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are the two highlighted spots for Jungle Safaris in Nepal. Step on Himalaya organizes the Jungle safaris in both these places to let you explore and enjoy to the fullest.

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