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Everest Base Camp –Adventure and Comfort at the Same Time

Everest has been always a charm and adventure to follow by any mountain travel lovers. Everest is attracting more and more travelers to leave behind their comfort zone in pursuit of adventures and experience of a lifetime.

This experience and the memories, stored and shared perfectly in the social media pages. Such social media network has brought a dream impact for the Everest trekking and base camp.

Modern traveler’s has different approach then they use to be several years back. Now the people want to travel to the places that can provide the adventure, safe and comfort as the same time. So does Everest provide both?

Few years back the Everest counted the 11 Everesteers lose their life, because of huge human traffic jam, that has raise the issue on safety and comfort for Everest trekking and Everest base camp.

Even the agencies claim, that has nothing to do with travel route or the jam. Such consequences could be always there which are uncertain. But that doesn’t mean the Everest trekking is not safe.

Travelers are willing to compromise with the cheapest option and awful experiences in order to get that one perfect pics and instant social media recognition. As consequences, they leave behind an industry gained with cheap services and experiences.

Yes such consequences do happen when you choose the cheap and inexperienced agencies plans. It is always advised to choose the agencies that are brand and has presence in the market more than a decade.

“ “ is the branded and best trekking agency in kathmandu,NEPAL.

We present our self as agency that highly focuses on customer safety, comfort an ultimate adventure guaranteed.



We all know that adventure begins where comfort zone ends. But is it possible to have both adventure and comfort the two adversaries that complement each other at the same time.

On top of the Himalayas, every area flourish the comfort a lifeline, a luxury, a boost that help us to focus and senses to the beautiful slice of paradise.

 An Everest trekking provides the adventure filled with exploration, discovery, mysticism, culture, and learning. This adventure is for a hellish holiday experience.

Everest on top comes with the playground of ruggedness and remoteness which offer vast challenges to those who come seeking for adventures, wilderness and to test their endurance and spirit.

Everest trekking is rarely a pleasant affair with ruthless ascents, knee grinding experiences, relentless high passes and unpredictable climate change conditions.

The agencies can either make your travel comfortable or miserable. Thought the travel on Himalayas can be harsh but proper guidance can make its adventure and comfort level as the same time.

Beside the walking and climbing cruel reality, it is no fun, at the end of a long strenuous day, to be arriving at a crowded lodge with tiny rooms.

 Small dining area, lack of healthy and little meal choices or hoping that the common bathroom is available commonly etc. With proper plan and experienced guide you can get away with such things.

The physical and mental stress can be a deadly combination in Everest that is why most of the people prefer short travel packages or limit them to Everest base camp instead of being on top of the Himalayas. If you are not fit to be on top of Everest you can chose the Everest base camp or annauprna base camp option, which is still the best choice for any travelers

Beside ruthless stress on Himalayas, there is also comfort factor. It may sound normal ,but a good night’s sleep on Himalaya areas has no price .On top of the high altitude, our body needs sufficient water and rest to help in rejuvenation of not only our physical senses but also the mental awareness as well.

From us You get the comfortable bed inside a room that has enough space to relax, good shower and private bathroom offer you the security, safety, privacy and comfort.

You get everything that you wouldn’t settle for far less back home. Likewise, choices of nutritious and healthy meals are there with love pour on it. A new food experience is the best bet here.

 A Fresh mind and a tireless body is what you really need in Everest where each single day is filled with challenges, surprises, and moments that last for a lifetime. Comfort does not devalue your adventure but compliments the experience to its glorious flavors.

You can explore the Everest holiday with a promise of an exotic experience in a remote place and not where repetitively stress and battle over our basic necessities and anxieties.

Comfort and adventure goes well with Everest trekking, if you choose correct packages and agencies that has motto to provide the quality Himalaya experience in the best possible price. Don’t fall for the cheap prices.

We “steponhimalaya” are highly focused to provide the lifetime experience to our clients. We are into this service for more than two decades. You should consider us on the following grounds:

  • Economical price
  • Experience guides
  • Safety and secure travel on Himalayas
  • Comfort and adventure at the same time
  • Well speaking guides for better communication
  • Airport – Himalaya -Airport services
  • Customized and standard  packages


We help you with Everest adventure that starts out with “what is the best time to experience the Himalaya and how many days you should choose to get the best out of it.

Why throw comfort to the wind in the name of cheap journey and solo travel. Choose the best agencies that can help to make this trip memorable. Imagine feeling safe and happy, free and without worries, comfortably exploring the Everest.

We help you with Memories of life under the majestic Himalayas, an exotic experience that we promise in our packages.


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