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Matatirtha Aunsi | Aama ko Mukh Herne Din | Mothers’ Day


Matatirtha Aunsi | Aama ko Mukh Herne Din | Mothers’ Day

A famous quote “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made MOTHERS.” Mothers are the precious gift of God who always is present by the side of their child whenever however wherever possible. When there are blessings and guidance of a mother, the problems are automatically and simply solved. Mothers are special. So, to express gratitude and love to the mothers, we Nepalese celebrate Mothers’ day on an auspicious day known as “MATATIRTHA AUNSI” or “AAMA KO MUKH HERNE DIN” with the literal meaning “the day to see the face of the mothers”. This day falls on Baisakh Krishna Aunsi i.e. New moon day according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar. Matatirtha aunsi is one of the great festivals in Nepal especially dedicated to the mothers who indulge their whole life in giving the best to their family. It is a day to show the affection and respect to the mother by her children.

During Matatirtha Aunsi, the children offer gifts, presents to their mothers as clothes, sweets, confectioneries, etc. The sons and daughters prepare delicious food items. Married daughters visit their mothers’ home on this day especially to spend the day with her. Those who have lost their mothers visit a special holy place named Matatirtha on the west of Kathmandu valley. It is believed that the offerings made in the name of their deceased mothers will help their soul to rest in eternal peace. So in the early morning, they take bath and do the rituals “Sida Daan” to the priests of the temples in the remembrance of the mothers. Sida is a holy mixture of cereals like rice grains and other food materials with clothes and other things. Also, some of them do “Shraddha”. It is a ritual done for a deceased member of the family.

A popular legend exists behind this day that is as follows: once upon a time, there was a pond which is nowadays known as Matatirtha kunda. Cowherds used to come there to quench their thirst while they would be grazing their cattle in the nearby jungles. One day, a cowherd was drinking water from the pond. He was missing his mother at that moment and suddenly his mother’s face appeared in the water. He went to the village and told about this incident.  Since then, the villagers started offering and praying in the name of their late mothers in that pond with the belief of seeing their mothers’ face. It became a ritual for those who have lost their mothers will come and take a dip in the holy river early morning and do the offerings with the prayers in the expectation of seeing the face of their mothers.

Mothers are always that special member of the family without who the happiness is worthless. Mothers are the nurturers, protectors, caregivers who love their family unlimitedly. We don’t need any special day to show our respect or love for our mothers. Every day is exceptional for mothers’ devotion. Their self-sacrificing nature has made them distinctive in society. So let’s make our mothers happy and satisfied in every possible way when they are alive. Never forget their love and care, guidance, motivation and encouragement. And do everything that will help their departed soul attain salvation from human life and successfully achieve Moksha.  Happy Mothers’ Day. God bless everyone with the soothing shade of Mothers’ love.

Author: Step On Himalaya

Date: 2nd May, 2019