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Shrawan 15, also known as Kheer Khane Din


What is "Kheer Khane Din"?

Shrawan month is considered as the holy month in Hindu calendar and Shrawan 15 is celebrated as "Kheer Khane Din" literally meaning as a day to eat rice pudding. Among different festivals in Nepal, this Kheer Khane Din is also one of those festivals where the family and the relatives unite and reunites to share the joy and happiness of being into a family. This is a special dish of Nepal and usually, a very integral part of dishes served in different kind of ceremonies and parties in Nepal. Kheer is not only an important dish in Nepali traditional cuisines but also a vital food item prepared during the festivals. Kheer is distributed as the Prasad (holy offering) after the Puja is accomplished. It is considered sacred and pure which is why it is always made as Prasad in almost every puja.

Nepalese are fond of eating sweets or confectioneries after meals and kheer are one of the deserts in the Nepalese families. Sometimes, they even take Kheer as their snacks without any special occasion. The preparation method of Kheer is very easy. Here are brief details of preparing Kheer at home.






Dried fruits like Raisins, Cashew nut, Almonds, etc.


Black pepper

Method of preparation:

  • Boil milk and sugar in one pot or vessel.
  • Mix rice with Ghee (Do not wash the rice)
  • Then pour the rice in the boiled milk and keep on stirring continuously
  • Let the mixture boil for few more minutes until the rice is properly cooked
  • Now add dried fruits, cardamom, and black pepper.
  • Check for its consistency. It should be usually thick.
  • Ready to serve

During Asar and Shrawan months, the farmers enjoy paddy farming and pray for the good harvest. Shrawan month is the end of the harvest period. On the 15th (fifteenth) of Shrawan month, people celebrate this day by worshipping the deities and by offering Kheer as Prasad. Kheer is considered as the purest and holy treat enjoying its delicious taste. Kheer Khane Din is the day of achievement for the farmers.

Author: Step On Himalaya

Date: 31st July, 2019