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Nepal Travel Insurance


A thought of adventurous holiday trips or vacations will always remind Nepal. Nepal is a wonderful country full of secrets of nature that are always enthusiastic wishes to discover and explore. Trekking to the Himalayas, Peak Climbing, Expeditions to the Mountains, Hiking, etc. is done in the high Himalayan regions of Nepal. Being a superb travel and tourist destination, Nepal has hundreds and thousands of travelers and trekkers visiting with a dream to spend vacation time in the lap of the Himalayas.

As a part of planning for travel or trek, Insurance plays an important role. Step on Himalaya recommends all valued clients make an Insurance plan before heading on any trip. You never know about illness, accidents, mishaps, or calamities. River Rafting, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Canoeing, Trekking, Mountaineering, Climbing, Hiking, etc. are all adventurous and risky activities. So, keeping in mind the adverse possibilities, Travel Insurance is a wise step and a strong recommendation to be taken. It’s not a compulsion but give a thought about it.

Step on Himalaya insists every client do Travel Insurance to be insured for the plentiful expenditures that might incur from the trekking for your safety and benefits of yours. You must check that Insurance should cover the unforeseen accidents that might happen while trekking. In such conditions, Helicopter rescue, Air ambulance, and so on might be required for emergency evacuation. Proper details should be given to the Insurance Company and also to the team of Step on Himalaya while completing the official documentation for the trekking or traveling.

So, here are the basic points you should be checking what the Insurance Policy covers while making an Insurance Policy in your country.



Nepal is home to the top eight highest peaks in the world. Trekking to the different highest Himalayas like Everest Base Camp, Everest Three High Passes Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Peak Climbing and Expeditions, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, etc. are all high altitude trekking. This automatically prompts High Altitude Sickness. The most common signs and symptoms are headache, chest pain, difficulty of breathing, etc. So if you are getting these symptoms, you must inform your trekking leader/guide and a Medical Emergency Evacuation has opted for via the Helicopter. Here is the main point – Insurance covers Medical Emergencies, especially High Altitude Sickness. You must know the destination of trekking and the height of the trekking trail. Make sure your Insurance is done in a complete manner.



There are no hints or warning signs for any accidents. Nobody wants to get into accidents during their vacation or holidays. It happens abruptly even though we do not want it. Every trekking and adventurous trip has a risk of accidents. So it is always recommended to make the Insurance policy cover all these probable accidents and also cover the Emergency Evacuation expenses.



Traveling always gives a probable illness as you will be adapting to the changes in the surroundings, weather, food, living style, and hygiene levels. In case of your sudden illness during any time of traveling or trekking, the Insurance must cover the expenditures of the Emergency Evacuation for further treatment and management.



“Please take care of your belongings” – this must be kept in mind almost all the time during your traveling. At the airport, the arrival of your baggage or luggage may get delayed or damaged, or missing. Sometimes, they can be lost and even stolen. So make sure that this Stolen, lost, damaged, or delayed baggage is properly covered by your Insurance policy.



Nepal is a beautiful mountainous country with different kinds of seasons and weather. In the mountains and Himalayas, the alterations in weather are unpredictable. So the delay and even cancellations for several days also happen mostly on the Lukla flights. Lukla is the gateway of the Everest Base Camp or Jomsom of the Upper Mustang region or any part of Western Nepal Trekking. So, Step on Himalaya always recommends you make the Travel Insurance Policy that covers these expenses incurred due to delay or cancellation or sometimes chartering a Helicopter due to any natural calamities or unforeseen mishaps.



India is the neighboring country of Nepal. So huge numbers of Indians are visiting Nepal for traveling and trekking. As said earlier, Insurance is a must for being on the safer side during trekking or traveling. So, Step on Himalaya advises some Insurance Companies for Indian nationals and also wants you to be aware of some of them as their work is unsatisfactory. Nepalese Evacuation Company has already informed the trekking agencies and companies that they will not be liable to do any kind of dealings with the below-mentioned companies if you are trekking or climbing or traveling in Nepal.


Recommended Insurance Companies from India:

  • Bharati AXA Travel Insurance,
  • ICICI Lombard
  • HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance
  • Reliance Travel Insurance
  • Bajaj Allianz Travel insurance


Be aware of these Insurance Companies from India:

  • Cover More
  • United India Insurance
  • Heritage Health Insurance


Note: Even though TRAVEL INSURANCE for easy holiday tours in Nepal is not a compulsion but still, YOU NEED TRAVEL INSURANCE for adventure holiday tours in Nepal. It is a good way to keep you safe and save your expenses.


If you have not yet settled any Insurance, here are some recommended Travel Insurance Companies:


For Canada and America

For New Zealand and Australia


For the United Kingdom


For Europe