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Festival of Nepal

Festivals of Nepal are the backbones of a different religion that exist in NepalFestivals, occasions, ceremonies, etc. are the cultural aspects of human society in every corner of the world where people spread joy, love, intimacy, and happiness together. In Nepal, there are several festivals that boost up spirituality as well as the religious essence. Even though modernization has been intruding on ancient Nepalese cultures and traditions, the significance and the values have never been invaded.

Festivals of Nepal show the true color of diversification of several religions. There are 5 major religions namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Kirat, and Christian followed by other religions existing in Nepal. According to the 2001 census of Nepal, 80.62%, 10.74%, 4.20%, 3.60% and 0.45% are the distributions of 5 major respective religions.  There are many castes and sub-caste. People are divided into a hierarchical system of the upper class, middle class, and low class. Nepal is a multi-cultural, multi-religious country, each and every community has its own language, rituals, beliefs, traditions, cultures, and festivals too. In the same year, one can observe the same festival celebrated in different ways in different communities.  That is the unique fragrance of rejoicing the festivals in Nepal.

Festivals are always colorful and bring cheerfulness among people. They unify just even to celebrate these festivities. Music, songs, and dances are the entertaining parts of festivals. Each festival has its own importance and value. Nepalese festivals are full of vibrancies. The energy of celebrating every festival is immense with the intense religious feeling among the Nepalese. Nepalese believe these festivals always maintain peace and harmony among themselves and keep them unified. These celebrations are the special commodities of Nepalese cultures and traditions. With an amazing spike of spontaneity, these festivals of Nepal are socially celebrated.  Their importance is always preserved in the heart of every Nepalese wherever they are. Following is a list of the festivals of Nepal.