Nepal & Bhutan

Nepal-Bhutan Tour is an admirable offer to explore the cultural, historical, architectural and natural diversities of both nations. God has gifted immense natural wonders to both lands. Being the neighboring countries, it is easier for the travelers to opt for this multi-country tour. There are several packages designed based on the convenience, budget and time restrictions. Nepal is a unique Hindu kingdom in the lap of mighty snow-capped Himalayan ranges where the religious tolerance still exists with peace and harmony. Out of the 10 highest mountains in the world, 8 of them lie in the lands of Nepal. Being the 2nd richest country for water resources in the world, the natural beauty of Nepal is immensely mesmerizing. Also known as “Land of Temples”, every part of the country possesses several temples, stupas, monasteries display the Hinduism and Buddhism at the topmost. Likewise, Bhutan is a beautiful kingdom situated at the base of the gigantic snowy Himalayas which is famous as the “Land of Thunder Dragons”. Buddhism is the main religion followed by Bhutanese; hence, there are numbers of monasteries and monuments that reflect the Buddhism and their simple lifestyles. In short, this Nepal-Bhutan tour is a complete relishing package to quench the thirst of discovering and exploring the amazing pearls of both countries.