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Nepal Travel Guide

Every travel needs a proper plan with the help of well-described Guidelines. Nepal is usually a bypass or transit visit for many travelers. Most of them still are unknown that Nepal is a beautiful country with the most fascinating natural wonders. So let's get some information about Nepal before you plan a visit to Nepal.

Know About Nepal with Step on Himalaya

Nepal is a landlocked country like a sandwich between two giant nations: India and China. Hence, the entry is via roadways or airways. No waterways are available to enter Nepal even though Nepal is the second richest country for water resources. The Himalayas are the pride of Nepal. Eight out of the top ten highest peaks of the world are in the Nepalese lands. Mt. Everest is the highest peak followed by Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. Dhaulagiri I, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Nanga Parbat, Mt. Annapurna is soaring with the amazing shine. The Himalayan ranges have been showering their coolness over the mountains, the hills, and the plains of Nepal. The rivers, glaciers, lakes, ponds, waterfalls have made our natural surroundings attractive and alluring.

Likewise, the cultures and traditions of Nepal are ancient and still being followed with full devotion to Religion. Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim, etc. are the religions of Nepal. Despite different religions, Nepalese people had and have been staying with peace and harmony. The religious tolerance is appreciable and it has made the bonding of Nepalese people stronger than ever. Nepal is culturally rich that has always impressed the tourists in a unique manner. The temples, monasteries, monuments are the reflections of the historical arts and architectures of Nepal. Every corner of Nepal has idols of Gods and Goddesses with the belief that they are protecting and bestowing their blessings upon the Nepalese.

Since ages, Nepal is famous for trekking as an adventure. Not only trekking but also White water rafting, Paragliding, Ultra-flight, Jungle Safari, Bungee jumping, etc. are some other fun activities that are drawing the tourists to visit Nepal again and again. Nepal is also known as one of the premier destinations for rafting in the world as the rivers here have the rapids ranging from Grade I to Grade VI. Royal Chitwan National Park being the oldest national park of Nepal offers the varieties of jungle safari in the amazing grasslands and forests to enjoy the encounter with the rhino and the tiger.

Getting around in different places of Nepal

Land and air are the modes of transportation in Nepal. Nepal has several domestic airlines that serve tourists in every convenient way. The popular routes for flights are usually from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Chitwan, Bhairahawa, etc. and that for roadways too. Most of the roadways get blocked during the monsoon season but still, the buses are running on those least developed roads serving the local as well as international travelers. Public buses are cheap but slow as well as crowded. So, it's better to book the tourist coaches or buses that provide a comfortable trip to a possible extent. Regarding accommodation and meals, every standard is being maintained according to the budget and interest of the guests in every part of Nepal.

Nepal – The Land of Wonders

Nepal is a land of surprises with its incredible structures of landscapes and the mind-blowing Himalayan ranges. The cultures, traditions, lifestyles, etc. are in their own original forms which are being followed with respect and dignity. The wide arrays of activities to opt here in Nepal have charmed the tourists to visit Nepal for their valuable time. A comprehensive Nepal Travel Guide made by Step on Himalaya has been explained further with the essentials and facts providing some tips while traveling to Nepal. It will help you where to go and stay, where to eat and drink, how to go around the places, what activities to do, etc.

Visa Information for Nepal

An ON-ARRIVAL VISA can be obtained at the immigration of Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu after paying the declared Visa Fee. A valid Passport with a minimum validity of at least 6 months and passport-sized photos are the requirements.

Nepal at a Glance


Nepal is a landlocked country bordered by two giant nations: India and China. Nepal is famous as a Hindu kingdom but the religious tolerance among Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and other religions is the bond that has upheld Nepalese unity for peace and harmony in the nation.

Best Seasons for Trekking in Nepal

Spring and autumn are the best times of the year, especially to trek to the Himalayas of Nepal which give you an opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the magnificent Himalayas and the surrounding lovely climatic conditions.

Nepal Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance always is a secured option for travel or any kind of adventurous activities in foreign land. It covers the cost for Emergency evacuation/Air ambulance/Helicopter rescue due to illness or any unforeseen accidents. Travel Insurance is a wise step and strongly recommended.

Accommodation in Nepal

Accommodation in Nepal still has many options like hotels, guest houses or lodges. But the idea of introduction of home stay and hostel has greatly influenced many travelers and has resulted to satisfactory comments. A beneficial evolution is going on in the types of accommodation in Nepal.

Trekking Gears Checklist


Trekking Gears Checklist always ensures you to have all the equipment and gears for trekking and also the required items during trekking in Nepal. It is always advisable to be light weight, hence Trekking Gears Checklist helps to maintain the weight of items which you highly need in trekking.

Food and Drinks

Foods and Drinks varieties of Nepal has been another attraction to tourists visiting Nepal. Authentic traditional cuisines and locally brewed drinks have lured the travelers to visit different regions of Nepal in order to taste the variety of the food and drinks.

People of Nepal


People of Nepal have impressed many tourists with their simplicity. Their cooperative behavior, friendliness and kindness are the strength of Nepalese people which always attracts the tourists to revisit Nepal.

How to enter Nepal

Entry to Nepal is possible either by air or land. Both ways, tourists are eligible to travel after crossing the border checkpoints or immigration points. There are multiple entry points by land but only one International Airport up to date to enter Nepal by air.

Festival of Nepal


In Nepal, there are several festivals that boost up spirituality as well as the religious essence. Even though modernization has been intruding ancient Nepalese cultures and traditions, the significance and the values have never been invaded.

Best things to do in Nepal

Trekking and Nepal are synonymous since ages that have allowed many tourists to explore the enchanting Himalayan ranges, rugged mountain trails, and the dainty villages surrounded by the endless beauty of nature and culture.

Heritage Sites and Monuments entrance fees in Nepal


Heritage sites and monuments entrance fees in Kathmandu are implemented mainly for the preservation, management, and interpretation of these significant cultural and historical landmarks. These fees support the local communities, providing them with economic and social benefits and making them an important part of sustainable tourism.