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Krishna Janmashtami


Lord Krishna – an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is always one of the most adorable deities in Nepal. He is famous with several names as Hari, Murari, Shyam, Gopal, Nanda Lala, Makhan Chor, etc. Amazing stories of his love and friendship with Gopis and Gopinies are fun to listen. When he used to play the flute, a unique ambiance of love and peace was felt in the surrounding. Krishna Janmashtami – the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated worldwide in different places of the world. It is a tradition of keeping fasting starting from the morning till midnight. Religious songs and slokas from the holy “Bhagwat Gita” are enchanted. People decorate the temples of Lord Krishna. A flock of pilgrims visits to the temples of Lord Krishna on this day. The ancient Krishna Temple of Patan Durbar Square of Kathmandu is crowded by the visitors and Hindu followers.

During the Mahabharata battle, Lord Krishna was the rider of Arjun’s chariot. He supported the five Pandavas against the hundred Kauravas to win the sacred war of Dharma and Paap (sin). There is this belief that whenever the evil will try to ruin the peace of the Earth, Lord Krishna will take avatars to protect the world and maintain the serenity. That is why this day is also celebrated as the day of victory of Good over Evil.

Celebrated on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha or the 8th day of the dark fortnight of Bhadra month, this festival has its own history. Birthplace was the Mathura. Lord Krishna was born in prison as his parents were kept under the custody of his own uncle, Kansa. It was believed that Kansa will be killed by the hand of Lord Krishna. Hence, Kansa imprisoned his sister and brother-in-law and then killed all the seven newborns in the prison. Lord Krishna was the eighth child and for his protection, he was sent after his birth to Mathura and after some years, he finally killed his uncle, Kansa.

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in every household. The idol of Lord Krishna is bathed with water and milk, dressed in new colorful clothes, flowers, and leaves, and worshipped in the beautifully decorated cribs. Different types of sweets are prepared and offered as “Prasad” to all the members. Those who observed the whole day fasting, break their fast-eating fruits. Everywhere there is the joyous environment on this day.

In Bhagavad Gita Krishna there is a sloka, “Whenever there is a predominance of evil and decline of good doings (religion), I will reincarnate again and again to end the evil and to save the Dharma (good)”. With this belief, Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated for the glorious fame of Lord Krishna and his multiple avatars to safeguard the good and the peace.

Author: Step On Himalaya

Date: 2nd September, 2018