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Mandatory COVID-19 health protocols for travelers in Nepal


Nepal has opened its borders for trekking and mountaineering with mandatory travel protocols and COVID-19 safety guidelines. The guidelines are issued by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Nepal in order to minimize the entry and spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19 infection in the country.


The government will not issue the On-Arrival Visa like before in the immigration of Tribhuvan International Airport. A prior request for approval of visa must be done through the Nepal embassies and diplomatic mission. In case of rejection or pending visas, the tourists should approach their trekking agencies in Nepal. All the mountaineering and trekking agencies in Nepal have been directed to secure the visa before the arrival of tourists.


Here are the mandatory protocols for the post-COVID-19 in the Nepal Tourism industry in order to enter the country.

  1. Travelers have to obtain a visa to Nepal before arrival. He/she can apply through Nepal embassies and diplomatic missions. If unable to do so, he/she can coordinate with the travel and trekking companies/agencies to get a Nepal visa or Travel permit for further recommendation and processing.
  2. Travelers recommend as per clause 1 will acquire the visa at the authorized immigration point upon arrival in Nepal.
  3. At the point of immigration, travelers need to submit the following documents:
    1. Valid Visa to Nepal
    2. Travelers need to present a NEGATIVE PCR test report (Polymerase Chase Reaction) not later than 72 hours.
    3. COVID-19 Insurance of  minimum US$ 5000
    4. Document showing Hotel booking for quarantine of at least 7 days before arrival in Nepal as it is mandatory to stay quarantined for a minimum of 7 days according to WHO guidelines.
  4. Quarantine Information: After entry to Nepal, travelers have to undergo a repeat PCR test on the 5th day of quarantine at his/her own expenditure. NEGATIVE – PCR test report allows you to go for traveling or trekking or mountaineering.
  5. As per clause 4, if the traveler's PCR test report shows POSITIVE, continue the quarantine and stay until the test report comes NEGATIVE.
  6. An Insurance of 100,000 Rupees of the Nepali staff who will join the trekking or mountaineering must be obtained before starting the trekking or mountaineering permit.
  7. Travelers must follow all the WHO (World Health Organization) and other health protocol guidelines that are implemented by the Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal.
  8. All the terms and conditions published by the Department of Tourism of Nepal should be followed. It is instructed to all the companies/agencies to inform their travelers/guests about these protocols and guidelines.


Above mentioned are must-do and follow to enter into Nepal so that trekking or mountaineering can opt. Once you will begin the adventure, the company/agency will let you know further. After confirming the trip, you will be given more details of other health guidelines and protocols.


Country-Specific Information on Nepal COVID-19:

  • Shops, stores, restaurants, pubs, lodges, guest houses, and hotels have resumed their business.
  • Depending upon the spread of COVID-19 infection, the government of Nepal has given authority to local authorities to impose lockdowns within their jurisdictions. So, before traveling to any parts of Nepal, please inquire about the local situations.
  • For daily updates and statistics about the COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal, please refer to the official website of NDRRMA (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority) -
  • Foreigners who need to know about visa-related services should inquire to the Nepal Department of Immigration. The office for the Immigration department is now operational. Please go through the link - or consult at the Department of Immigration under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Some trekking routes have been opened recently by the Nepalese government. Please contact the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation of Nepal for current updates. -


Information regarding COVID-19 Vaccine:

  • There are variants of the COVID-19 vaccine. Has the government of Nepal approved any COVID-19 Vaccine?
  • The answer is YES. The Nepalese government has approved the ASTRA ZENECA vaccine manufactured in India.
  • Please go through this link to know further about the ASTRA ZENECA vaccine


Is wearing a mask still compulsory in Nepal?

  • Yes, it is a must while traveling to Nepal. The government of Nepal has officially announced to charge a fine if failure to wear a mask outdoors and also arrest if required. Specific information regarding penalties has not yet been published.


Here are some important offices and their links to official websites:

Any queries regarding travel to Nepal in post-COVID-19 condition, please feel free to ask.

Author: Step on Himalaya

Date: 29th September, 2020