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Nepal at a Glance

Continent: Asia
Borders: South, East and West – India, North – The People's Republic of China

Area: 147,181 sq. km.
Length: 885 km. from East to West
Width: changeable, mean width of 193 km. from North to South

Official Name: Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
Political System: the Democratic Republic or the Federal Parliamentary Republic

Capital: Kathmandu

Population: 25 Million
Population Growth Rate: 2.2 %
Religion: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism with more than 100 Ethnic groups

Official Dialect: Nepalese

National Animal: Cow

National Flower: Rhododendron; Lali Gurans (Arboretum)

National Bird: Daanphe (Imphean Pheasant)

Unit of Currency: Nepalese Rupee

Time Zone: 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT

Seasons: Four (Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter)

A God-gifted paradise on the Earth – Nepal lies in southern Asia. Popular for its unique Himalayan ranges, exotic nature and diverse culture, Nepal believes in eternal peace and harmony.  Nepal is a landlocked country lying as a rectangular sandwich between China at North and India at East, West and South.

The world’s top 8 highest peaks are soaring in the land of Nepal namely Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri along with other adjoining snow-capped peaks.

Nepal has the amazing endless natural beauty. The wildlife, the unique floras and faunas and the stunning topography are the supporters of Nepal tourism. The topography of Nepal is audacious. Hence, many adventurous activities and sports are done in Nepal. Trekking, Peak Climbing, White Water Rafting, Paragliding, Hiking, Bungee Jumping, etc. are organized and conducted in a safe manner to give the utmost fun and pleasure to the visitors. The adventure and nature lovers from different parts of the world are the main visitors to Nepal who are always enchanted and mesmerized by the natural and cultural wonders of Nepal.

No wonder, the giant Himalayan ranges are inevitable. To find yourself at the base of those gigantic snow-covered mountains, enjoying the chilling alpine climate give you the heavenly feeling. Walking amidst the tranquility of the surrounding attract many visitors to explore and re-explore the place. The breathtaking views are hard to gulp down but that feeling is simply awesome. It is always believed that the peace and harmony spread by Lord Gautam Buddha have made Nepal an icon of Serenity.

Nepal was a small Hindu kingdom ruled by many kings of Shah Dynasty. But the king was dethroned on 2007 AD. And the Democratic Republic or the Federal Parliamentary Republic was brought into action. Kathmandu is the officially declared capital of Nepal. There are 4 castes and 36 sub-castes and creeds in Nepal following different religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc. Nepal has four different main seasons namely Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter and is divided into 3 main geographical regions: Himalayan, Mountainous and Terai. There are 14 zones, 75 districts and 5 developmental regions.

Nepal is reachable either by Air or by Land. Since many countries have been permitted for On-Arrival Visa at the immigration of Tribhuwan International Airport of Kathmandu; there should not be a problem to enter Nepal. But still, many tourists even visit Nepal via India, China, Bhutan, Tibet, etc. There are daily frequent flights operated by Indian Airlines, China Airlines, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Fly Dubai, etc.

By land, it is a little difficult choice but not impossible. It is still recommended to fly to Nepal in order to save your time and for the comfort but still, some visitors would like the Roadways. A trip to Lhasa or mainland China, you need to get the Valid Visa from the Chinese Embassies, and then plan the trip. Similarly, if you want to enter Nepal via border of India, the main points are Sunauli near the Lumbini, Birgunj, Mahendranagar at the far western part.

Before planning a trip to Nepal, you must plan the schedule, do the budgeting and set the bag pack filled with your personal required belongings. Wishing you a good luck, STEP ON HIMALAYA welcomes aboard you to Nepal.