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Off The Beaten Trekking

Pikey Peak Trek
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8 Nights 9 Days
Tamang Heritage Trek
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7 Nights 8 Days
Rara Lake Trek
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14 Nights 15 Days
Khopra Ridge Khayar Lake Trek
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10 Nights 11 Days

Off the Beaten Trekking: Trekking and Nepal come into our minds together. Nepal is an exotic destination for trekking with many hidden and unexplored trails. Many trekkers choose Nepal to spend their vacation time in Nepal doing different adventurous activities. The increment in the flow of the tourists has unlocked the many locked areas of Nepal for exploration but still with limitations and guidelines. There are many Off the Beaten Trekking areas in Nepal which are the hidden treasures of Nepal. The Nepalese government has recently opened some trekking routes with special permits and criteria. It usually takes days and weeks to get the permits. Hence, here we “Step on Himalaya” offer you the opportunity as the “OFF THE BEATEN TREKKING” package to discover the exceptional untouched culture and living style. We will do the paperwork for you and you just enjoy the Off the Beaten Trekking for a different unique experience in Nepal.

Off the Beaten Trekking has given the pathway to unlocking the mystery of some restricted areas in Nepal. The main goal for the restrictions is to preserve the enigmatic nature. You can explore in these areas only with a special permit from the government and accompanied by a liaison officer or environmental officer. Camping treks are famous in these areas as there are only a few facilitated teahouses or guesthouses. This is one of the best chances to discover the secretiveness of Nepal like unique floras and faunas, outstanding landscapes, excellent views of mountains, alpine climate, pristine villages, pure culture and traditions, and hardly voyaged trails. The demands to trek in the Off the Beaten trails are increasing as the natural and cultural diversities are alluring. These trekking has added to the income of the local people here and encouraged them to preserve their culture and traditions by displaying cultural shows.

The curiosity of unveiling something new about these off the beaten trekking routes has attracted many trekkers to the lovely villages and deepest valleys. One can see the purity and serenity of these places. So, if you want to trek in a quiet and non-touristy area, these off the beaten trekking are the best options to choose from. Here you will get the chance to see the vivacious culture of the lively local people and witness the ancient traditions that are not yet modernized. The feeling of freshness in a different world enables you to boost up your energy to explore and discover more and more. Step on Himalaya will arrange all the permits, staff, and equipment for your convenience. This Off the Beaten Trekking through the dainty villages at the base of the Himalayas leads the way towards the mesmerizing hidden beauty of Nepal. Choose us “Step on Himalaya” to explore the unexplored.