Adventure Trekking

Adventure Trekking in Nepal: Adventure parallels with Nepal in this present context of tourism. Trekkers or climbers think of Nepal whenever they desire of trekking or climbing peaks. Nepal is the home of the top 8 out of 10 Himalayan peaks in the world. The Adventure Trekking in Nepal has been ranking up high. The snowy Himalayan peaks are not only famous for trekking but also for many climbing expeditions. The rugged trekking trails in the high mountains surrounded by pristine natural beauty, breath-taking sights of the snow-covered Himalayas, and the calm alpine weather are exceptionally adorable. Nepal is truly a paradise for the trekkers and climbers to explore and discover the unparalleled nature of high soaring snowy mountains. The fascinating charm of the mountains along with the ancient unique local cultures and traditions of Nepal have been always cherished among trekkers. A friendly bonding can be seen among the local people and the visitors.

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Everest High Passes Trek
Everest High Passes Trek
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22 days