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Best things to do in Nepal


BEST THINGS TO DO IN NEPAL: Traveling and touring to Nepal is surely in everyone's bucket list. Blessed with a wide range of mesmerizing Himalayan ranges and a vast cultural diversity, Nepal is a renowned hotspot for trekking and tourism. Mount Everest has always been the key attraction for trekkers in Nepal. The amazing combo of nature and geography that includes the Himalayas, mountains, plains, jungles, wildlife, birds, etc. of Nepal allure tourists to visit Nepal once in a lifetime. A tourist will totally be overwhelmed by the beauty of Nepal when one explores and discovers the astonishing diversities. This makes Nepal, a country never to miss to visit. While visiting Nepal, there are the best things to do that you will be so very delighted by the crazy experiences. The warmth of Nepalese with their friendly behavior will comfort you in such a way that you will never feel you are away from your home. So, plan a vacation and fly to Nepal to grasp the fun time.

Regarding things to do in Nepal, at first make sure to choose the best season to visit Nepal. This will allow you to see the eye-catching sceneries of Nepal under the clear sky and favorable climate. Nepal is so diverse with nature, culture, history, and geography that there are several options to utilize the time. Trekking is always a prioritized activity selected by maximum tourists visiting Nepal. Followed by Climbing, Hiking, Rafting, Canoeing, Cultural tours, Sight-seeing tours, Bungee jumping, Paragliding, Jungle Safari, Bird-watching, etc. are the other selected activities. Undoubtedly, the time spent in Nepal will be worthy and it is one hundred percent sure that every tourist will be contented with their visit.

As already mentioned above, trekking is the highly selected activity due to the great Himalayan ranges that include Mount Everest, Mount Annapurna, Langtang Himal, Ganesh Himal, Ama Dablam, etc. Many tourists prefer hiking to the rugged mountains and explore the dainty villages. During trekking or hiking, not only the cultural part is explored but also their spirituality is encouraged. The jungles, meadows, stunning landscapes of the Himalayas and Mountains let the trekkers enjoy the serenity, which is far beyond satisfying than the bustling towns and cities. Trekking to the base of Mount Everest and getting a chance to spend time there is a divine feeling. Likewise, trekking to other peaks of the Annapurna region, Langtang region, etc. also is a lifetime achievement of a trekker. Apart from Trekking and Hiking, Sight-seeing tours, Cultural tours are arranged to explore places with historical and cultural significance. Likewise, Jungle Safari with Bird watching, visit Elephant breeding centers, etc. are opted mainly to Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, etc. Add-ons like white water rafting, canoeing, bungee jumping, paragliding are getting famous among the tourists while in Nepal. Therefore, take a break and visit Nepal.