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Can Nepal Tourism expect an uplift in upcoming Autumn?


Spring and Autumn seasons are considered to be the best seasons to visit Nepal. The influx of tourists during this time of the year is at the peak level. Almost all the tourist spots in Nepal are usually flooded with tourists. But these seasons of the year 2020 unexpectedly turned out to gloomier seasons in the Tourism industry. Tourism is one of the main industries of Nepal which plays an important role in the financial stability of the nation. Not only Nepal, tourism is the backbone for the economy of every nation. In the present context, the whole world has been adversely hit by COVID-19. This devastating situation has likewise resulted in a major fall in the national revenue of Nepal. The tourism board of Nepal has requested the Nepalese government to give a green signal to resume the travel to Nepal for foreigners but is still unsure and no strong decision has been made.

Nepal is a renowned Hindu kingdom and full of pilgrimages. Besides adventurous trekking, climbing, mountaineering to the Nepalese Himalayas, many visitors visit solely for religious purposes to some places such as Muktinath Chettra, Gosainkunda, Kailash Mansarovar, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, Lumbini, etc. Nepal draws tourists worldwide for its natural and cultural significance. Nepal's climate and weather are suitable for any travel or adventures at any time of the year. The AUTUMN season starting from September to November is the prime peak season when Nepal gets the maximum number of tourists. And these tourists flow to boost the local economies by giving opportunities to travel, trekking, and mountaineering guides and to the ones who are running hotels, lodges, guests' houses, home-stays. The visitors not only give importance to Mt. Everest's existence in Nepal but also are esteemed to explore many other peaks and places that are historically, culturally, and architecturally valued.

Tourism is one of the major keys to flourish in Nepal and Nepalese people. But due to the nationwide lockdown in Nepal imposed since March 20, at least 3,50,000 people who are in the tourism business have been jobless. Every effort is done to promote and welcome "Visit Nepal Year 2020" went in vain due to COVID-19 outbursts. It's now mid-July of the year and there are still no plans to open Nepal for foreigners. These last five months have shown a terrible picture of tourism of Nepal and since then it has been totally shut down rendering the industry in the loss. The entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and businessmen related to the Tourism industry have appealed to the government to let them start the reservations as they are well-prepared and buckled up for preventing COVID-19 transmission. But the government is not stepping ahead.

The entrepreneurs related to tourism have been informing the Tourism Ministry that all the safety protocols have been accepted and strictly followed. The booths or test centers for PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test of COVID-19 have been established at the airports that will examine and give the test results in few hours whether they should be allowed to enter or leave the country. There is a high possibility if the government doesn't act now, the country might take a long lapse to rise again and establish a well-built Tourism sector of Nepal. This might take two or three years to rebound the once-proud Nepalese Tourism sector in the world. Hence, easing travel restrictions and allowing to accept the bookings are the main current demands.

Author: Step On Himalaya

Date: 13th July, 2020