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Tours in Nepal

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Everest Scenic Mountain Flight
Everest Scenic Mountain Flight
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Tours in Nepal provide travelers with a golden opportunity to explore the immense beauty of its unique geographical diversity. The varieties of ancient cultures, customs, and traditions of different regions of Nepal blend your tours in Nepal. The historical, architectural, and natural aspects of Nepal enrich the tour experience of the travelers.  It gives you a heart-pounding pleasure while roaming around different places of Kathmandu, the capital city as well as other places of Nepal like Bhaktapur, Palpa, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Janakpur, etc. Kathmandu Durbar Square, 55-windows palace of Bhaktapur, the enthralling jungle safari of Chitwan and Bardia, the Birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, the divine temple of Lord Ram and Sita in Janakpur are the attractions of tours in Nepal. Likewise, the varieties of Nepalese food also please travelers. The authentic food items of different regions of Nepal give a unique taste to the travelers during the Nepal tour.

The amazing geographical distribution of Nepal categorized as the Himalayas, the Mountains and the Terai attracts the travelers to explore the depth of their natural diversity. The cool vegetation of the sapphire Himalayas, the greeneries of the Azure Mountains and the plains of the Terai augment your vacation in Nepal. The local people are very charming and amiable in nature. Spreading the words of harmony and tranquility is the main aim of the Nepalese. The religious tolerance among the Nepalese is the strength of Unified Nepal. The guest's cum travelers are treated like gods here in Nepal as they believe “Athithi Devo Bhava”, which is also the agenda of Step on Himalaya. Step on Himalaya provides you an attractive exclusive package for Tours in Nepal with all the utmost facilities. Being a part of Step on Himalaya offers you the chance to enjoy the mysteries of incredible Nepal.

The Nepal tour is gaining its popularity among travelers from different parts of the world. Tours in Nepal are a blend of vacations, excursions, or adventures. Nowadays, there are numerous packages for tours in Nepal that not only offers the easier documentation but also the better services and facilities during the tours and treks in Nepal. The tours in Nepal are mainly guided by the Government licensed Tour guides with the main purpose of safety and to provide factual information. Hiking, Trekking, Paragliding, Canoeing, Rock climbing, Rafting, Bungee jumping, etc. are some sporty adventures which are obtaining the rising demand among the travelers. Nepal is bestowed with the hidden treasures of nature and to reveal it, a Nepal tour is the best option to choose. A team of Step on Himalaya assures their valued guests for satisfaction and comfort. Also, we modify the tours and trips according to your suitability and timeframe.