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Located in southwestern Nepal, Chitwan is the fourth largest city in Nepal. It is a beautiful valley lying on the lap of the Mahabharat and Siwalik ranges. The dense forests are the origin of the name of Chitwan. The words "citta" mean heart and "vana" meaning forest or jungle, hence giving the full name Chitwan as the heart of the jungle. Chitwan is the homeland of the Tharu community. They are renowned for their distinctive arts and culture. The main reasons for the popularity of Chitwan among tourists are nature and the ancient culture. Chitwan has been included as one of the destinations in Nepal which is a place must visit. Likewise the nature and culture of Chitwan, the people here are friendly and helpful. The accommodation is available with basic amenities and can be billeted depending upon your budget.

Chitwan National Park is the first National park of Nepal which is also enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage site and Jungle Safari in this oldest National park has made tourism advanced. Every tourist visits Chitwan mainly for the jungle safari on foot or elephant ride or 4WD and to admire the cultural dance program of the Tharu community. Likewise, Sunset along the Rapti river, visiting the Elephant breeding place, crocodile breeding place, bird watching with early sunrise, Jalbire waterfall, Sauraha art gallery, etc. are other places to explore in Chitwan. Visiting the Tharu villages to admire the houses decorated with amazing drawings depicting history and religion is another best pastime in Chitwan. Similarly, traditional foods and beverages are available at every restaurant or eaterie in Chitwan. When you visit Nepal, Chitwan is another place to be included on the bucket list not to be regretted later.

Things to do in Chitwan