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Nepal & India

Nepal and India Tour
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9 Nights 10 Days

Nepal-India Tour has become popular among travelers as a dual country package in a single tour. Nepal and India are neighboring nations which are filled with the exotic natural pearls in their own lavishing manner. Both nations follow Hinduism as their prime religion. So, there are temples and statuettes of Gods and Goddesses of Hindu in every part of the nations. These two countries share most of the cultures and traditions in a similar manner. The festivals and the celebrations are somewhat likewise in Nepal and India. The snow-capped Himalayan ranges, the emerald or cyan glaciers, the gorgeous lakes, beautiful waterfalls, the unique terrace farming, stunning landscapes with bubbling rivers and gorges can be found in Nepal as well as India. The trekking or climbing peaks is a famous adventure activity in Nepal and India. White Water Rafting in the choppy rivers of Nepal and India is an exciting and trendy sport among travelers. This single tour to Nepal and India has been flourishing as a lavishing package that leads to fulfilling the hunger of fun and adventure.